Things to Know About Bedbugs



A bedbug is a troublesome oval-shaped tiny insect which is about a quarter inch long with a tawny colored flat body. They exclusively feed on human blood as they are sleeping throughout the night. The bites of a bedbug are almost painless at first three minutes of feeding. Their flatness allows them to hide in crevices and cracks. After sucking blood from a person, their bodies become elongated, swollen, and dark red. Bedbugs bear a peak-like piercing and sucking mouth system. Adult bedbugs have stubby, small, and nonfunctional wing pads. Hatched nymphs appear almost colorless, and they become tan as they grow older.

Their shelter

22,bvkhgjhroBedbugs are almost flat, and this adaptation helps them to hide in small crevices. Any crack that is wide enough to fit an edge of one credit card can house several bedbugs. During the day, they manage to stay away from the light. They were preferring to keep hiding in places such as the mattress interiors, mattress seams, bed frames, carpeting, baseboards, nearby furniture, inner walls, tiny wood holes, and even bedroom clutter. These bloodsuckers can live in an open weave of linen. This always appears as a pale spindle that is a thread wide and one centimeter long.

How They Harm Humans

Bedbugs cannot fly because they do no have wings. They resemble like little ticks though they have six legs. Bedbugs normally attack at night when people are asleep. They feed on mammal blood, and they commonly prefer human beings. However, they also suck cats, dogs, and other warm-blooded mammals. Some individuals do not see the bites, but others are allergic since the bites are itchy and cause irritation and lost sleep. These bites can be contaminated, though bedbugs do not carry diseases.

How To Spot Them

A bed that has been infested by bedbugs can be identified by the presence of bloodstains that ooze out from crushed bugs. You can as well notice bedbugs by the dark rusty blemishes of droppings on the sheets, bedclothes, mattresses, and walls. They are also spotted through the eggshells, Fecal spots, and shed skins that can be noticed at the vicinity of the crevices. You can easily tell that your house has been infested by the bloodsuckers through an offensive and musty odor that come from scent glands.

How To Exterminate bedbugs

33,mfnjnlfjglkWhile reputable pest control companies are the most effective in eradicating bedbugs, they can be very expensive. Most of them can visit your home, or others sell treatments which can also help to kill these animals. A cheaper and effective way of treating and eradicating these bloodsuckers can normally be found in a consumer bedbug sprays. Using bed bug sprays and following the tutorial on the sell sheet. You can also get rid of them by thoroughly cleaning bedding and clothes. Take you clothes and bedsheets to a laundry if you do not need them in your dryer. However, make sure that you avoid using insecticides on stuff that can come in contact with your body. Also, ensure that you spray your pets regularly.