Beach Bikini

Choosing the right swimwear for you is a difficult and daunting task for most women, so we have come up with our top five tips when choosing a beach bikini.

Tips to choose the best bikini

Get to know your body

It is essential that you pick a super sexy bikini for beach sfsdfsdfsdfsdfthat is right for your body shape. The majority of western women are pear shaped, and style experts recommend avoiding features like pleating, ruching or draping, but they say a slight frill can flatter your shape. For women with a large bust, a top with good support and that spreads out the breast wider is essential. Underwired cups are also recommended, alongside more substantial briefs for balance. Slim women need triangle bikinis, say the fashion gurus. For those with broad shoulders, frills on the briefs can attract attention there, while halter necks will draw attention to the chest rather than shoulders.

Choose a style to suit your personality

Picking the right beach bikini isn’t just about fitting your body shape. It is also a way to express your personality. So, some women might want to go for the retro look. High-waisted bottoms can recall the golden age of Hollywood, for example, and accessories such as suitable sunglasses can enhance your appearance. Think also about what you use the swimwear for. If you prefer surfing to lying on the beach, then a bikini is not the best option. A wetsuit is more appropriate to prevent wardrobe malfunctions.

Try a wide product range to boost your confidence

To be confident on the beach, you must try a wide variety of products in the shop, to ensure you have the one you feel most comfortable in. So try a range of cuts, styles, materials and colors. A halter neck might not appeal, but the same design with more supportive strapping may be the perfect choice for you, for example. Make sure you stand up straight while trying on products, and use some fake tan to see how you will look in the finished article on the beach.

Make sure you get the right size

dgdfgdfgdgRegardless of your body shape, getting the right size is essential to looking good and feeling confident. Research has shown that many women use a bra size too small, for example. Designers suggest a possible candidate through its paces, by running around or jumping up and down, to see how the bikini works under beach conditions. They also note that stated sizes can vary within the same brand, even, so trying the product on is critical.